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About West River Morgan Farm
     Located in Townshend, Vermont, we are in the process of restoring one of the West River Valley’s historical landmark farms which we acquired in 1999. We currently breed and raise Morgans, offer boarding and run a tack and feed store on the property. 
This is not the first time that our farm has been home to Morgan horses, the Vermont state animal. In the 1940’s the farm was actually part of the original Townshend Morgan Farm which is now located in Bolton, Massachusetts. Their famous horses can be found all over the country and also in the pedigrees of many of our current horses. Our farm has changed hands and uses since its first encounter with Morgans, including several turns at dairy farming and most recently being home to Belgian and Percheron “pulling” horses. Our Percheron/Belgian draft mare was born on the farm during its days in the pulling horse business. 
     We opened our feed store, River Bend Farm Supplies, in 2003 where we offer Poulin Grain, manufactured and distributed from Newport, Vermont. We also sell hay, the majority of which we bale both here on our own land and in nearby fields, bagged shavings, pet foods and pet products, and a wide variety of tack and equipment for horse enthusiasts. We stock fencing and feed supplies, and even some equestrian apparel. The building housing our shop has a much shorter history than the rest of the farm, having been built by the previous owners as a snowmobile rental and repair business. 
     As for our horses, our first Morgan, Annie Ashmore came to us in 1994 and her daughter West River Chelsea Ann was our first foal, born in 1996. Since then we have built a small herd of mares and young stock which can now be seen grazing in our pastures along Route 30 as you drive north into Townshend. Although not all are Morgans, they are our primary focus. 
     In the past few years we have started offering boarding as our farm improvements have allowed for housing more horses in comfortable box stalls and run-in sheds with large turnouts, automatic waterers, a riding ring and a round pen. We typically have several horses available for sale as well. Unfortunately we didn't host any gymkhanas this summer but are hoping to get back into it next year since both participants and spectators were disappointed this season. Check our Facebook page for updates.